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Business projects in the Ruhr area

Discover progress in the Metropole Ruhr

We network economic actors from 53 cities and municipalities to form an economic area. With innovative projects we set impulses for new economic activities and market the Metropole Ruhr internationally.

Sites & Investors Service 

Pictured is the Ruhr area from above. You can see many modern office buildings and the highway inside the city.

Ruhr Area Real Estate Exchange

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Visible is an industrial park in the Ruhr area with access to the water.

ruhrAGIS: Digital commercial property atlas

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Landscape with a large water surface. On the left is a large building made of glass.

Location Search and Investor Service

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People and stands at the EXPO REAL trade fair

EXPO REAL: Info & Partner

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Pictured is the Ruhr area from above. You can see many modern office buildings and the highway inside the city.

Real estate market in the Ruhr area

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Pictured are 6 panelists on stage debating the future of inner cities. The audience is watching.

Inner city dialog Ruhr

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A green, irrigated landscape in Essen.

Commercial space management

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Internationalisation & Location Marketing 

A group of people listening attentively to a lecture.

Innovation Bridge Netherlands

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Delegation from the Ruhr Area visits Toronto and Pittsburgh.

Innovation Bridge North America

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Trade fair appearance in Tel-Aviv and exchange with guests from the start-up scene.

Innovation Bridge Israel

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Two people in Matchmaker.Ruhr T-shirts can be seen explaining the platform to an interested party. In the background, the digital network can be seen on a screen.


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Innovations & Knowledge Transfer 

One of the Ruhr innovation centers in the Ruhr region from the front, showing plants in the foreground with the round, modern-looking glass building in the background

Innovation Centers Ruhr

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Eine Frau hält einen Vortrag und spricht zu einer Gruppe.

Creativity meets business: workshops and training

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Structural Policy & Subsidies

Dortmund skyline by night


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Prof. Dr. Julia Frohne presents the S3 strategy for future markets to all stakeholders in the Ruhr region

Smart specialization in the Metropole Ruhr

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Green landscape with a wind turbine in the background.

Transformer for a climate-neutral future

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Growth Markets 

Four people stand in front of a Greentech.Ruhr poster: Christina Zollmarsch, NRW Environment Minister Krischer, Prof. Dr. Julia Frohne and Alisa Schuler.

Greentech.Ruhr: Environmental Economy Network

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Hydrogen Metropole Ruhr: Hydrogen network

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Economic Report Ruhr

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If you cannot find the project you are looking for here or if you have any further questions about the Business Metropole Ruhr, please get in touch with our contact person. She will be happy to help you by phone, by e-mail and directly here.


Dr. Christina LangenbuschHead of
Organisational Development, Agile Coach