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 Modern real estate in the Ruhr region such as the thyssenkrupp Quarter in Essen pictured here. The illuminated office building can be seen in the evening sky with reflections in the water.
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Hectares of potential  

A modern office with a lake view directly on the promenade opposite a small marina? In recent years, new neighborhoods for living, working and studying have grown up on former industrial sites in the Metropole Ruhr - including some with lighthouse character. They are shining examples of sustainable urban development and great scope for investors and developers.

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The Metropole Ruhr is not only characterized by its special areas - for among these, the multitude of development opportunities in the real estate sector stands out in particular. On a steel mill site in the south of Dortmund, for example, office and residential space has been created with a view of a 24-hectare, newly created lake. At the Zollverein World Heritage Site in the north of Essen, students are experimenting in robotics laboratories behind a futuristically gleaming steel and glass facade.

The Metropole Ruhr is on the move

Real estate projects like these are not only attractive investment targets, they add to the overall package of stable rents and reliable returns in a resilient real estate market that has the second highest office property value in the country. They also ensure that the region is becoming increasingly attractive for companies with growth ambitions as well as new employees.

17.4 Mio. Office square meters in the region
278.000 m2 New office space in 2022
9.3 % Increase in prime rents in the logistics asset class

Real Estate Market Report Ruhr

  • Current figures on the development of the real estate market in the Ruhr region
  • Twice a year, the Business Metropole Ruhr analyzes the development
  • In cooperation with bulwiengesa AG and the Real Estate Roundtable
  • Key figures and trends for each real estate class

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Pictured is the Ruhr area from above. You can see many modern office buildings and the highway inside the city.
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Landscape with a large water surface. On the left is a large building made of glass.
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