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Climate protection in the cycle

When products in the economy remain in closed cycles and waste is made usable again, we talk about the circular economy. In view of climate change and its consequences, this future-oriented economic model is becoming increasingly important – also for the Metropole Ruhr on its way to becoming the greenest industrial region in the world. Step by step, the region has carved out a pioneering role for itself in this market.

Reshaping the economy

Produce, use, throw away – that's how a linear economic system works that uses up raw materials quickly and pays a toll on climate change. Circular economy stands in contrast to this. In circular economy, manufacturing companies reuse the materials and products they use many times – and for as long as possible. Their life cycle is therefore longer.

Circular economy conserves resources, which not only increases the performance and competitiveness of companies, but also makes them sustainable and thus fit for the future. This also applies to the Metropole Ruhr as one of the leading regions in the field of the environmental economy.

220+ partners in the environmental business network Greentech.Ruhr
50 %less CO2 emissions since 2020 in the Bottrop model area
Lünenis the headquarters of Germany's largest recycling company

Green technologies in the Ruhr region

The Metropole Ruhr knows how change works. The sky over the Ruhr has long been blue again. New innovative companies are settling on former mining sites. Clean water flows again in the renaturalized bed of the Emscher river. The Ruhr region shows how the challenges of the past can be turned into opportunities for the future. From gray to green: Greentech.Ruhr bundles the know-how of the environmental industry in the region.

Four people stand in front of a Greentech.Ruhr poster: Christina Zollmarsch, NRW Environment Minister Krischer, Prof. Dr. Julia Frohne and Alisa Schuler.

Greentech.Ruhr - Network of the Environmental corporates in the Ruhr Area

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Christina ZollmarschHUB Manager