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Aluminum from Germany, 
sustainably produced

TRIMET Aluminium SE develops, produces, casts and sells modern light metal products made of aluminum, which the company uses to make cars more economical, aircraft lighter, wind turbines and power plants more efficient, buildings more modern and packaging more ecological.

More renewable energies, less CO₂

The materials specialist operates production smelters, recycling plants, foundries and state-of-the-art research and development laboratories. TRIMET is a reliable partner for its customers and a dependable employer for its 2,400 employees. The owner-managed family business attaches great importance to training its own junior staff. Every year, TRIMET offers around 50 young people training in technical and commercial professions and opens up long-term prospects for them.

Aluminum production uses electricity as a raw material. Energy-intensive production can integrate fluctuating amounts of electricity from wind power and photovoltaic plants and helps keep the power grid stable. With the expansion of renewable energies, the CO₂ footprint of aluminum will continue to decrease. TRIMET has developed an innovative process that allows aluminum smelters to flexibly adjust their electricity requirements to the generation output of renewable energies, thus better integrating green electricity into the existing grid.

At the same time, the company is working to avoid direct CO₂ emissions. TRIMET aims to produce aluminum in a climate-neutral manner by 2045.

Resource-saving material

With recycled aluminum, TRIMET offers a resource-saving material. Remelting used aluminum requires only five percent of the energy needed for primary production. Together with its customers, the company has established closed material loops that return scrap to production, where it enables high-quality products with an improved climate balance.In this so-called closed-loop recycling, TRIMET turns over more than 270,000 tons of recycled aluminum annually. The integration of recycled metal is also a focus of TRIMET's research laboratory in materials development. For example, aluminum alloys can consist of up to 95 percent recyclate.

270,000 tons recycled aluminum
95%  of aluminum alloys from recylate
by 2045 TRIMET wants to produce climate neutrally

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Filter setzen Circular Economy

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