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 Aerial view of an area in the Ruhr area, the construction site Ostpark in Altenbochum, Bochum. You can see a developing brownfield site as an aerial view against the horizon of Bochum. Photo: City of Bochum
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Sites in the Ruhr Metropolis

Expanding where the prospects are promising: More and more companies are recognizing the economic potential of the Ruhr Metropolis. The demand for commercial space is growing. But how do we develop new sites in the already densely populated region – without doing so at the expense of forests and fields?

Strengthen the economy – protect the environment

Through supraregional cooperation, we are not only increasing the potential for land, but also strengthening the metropolis. Because one thing is certain: commercial sites are true job engines for the region – even in times of crisis and shortage of skilled workers. Between 2012 and 2018 alone, around 100,000 new jobs were created through new settlements or expansions on commercial and industrial sites.

In order to be able to make optimal use of central areas and at the same time protect open spaces, we develop concrete and practice-oriented approaches to solutions. As a cooperation partner, we analyze land potential, develop utilization concepts and support companies and investors in their search for locations.

Our goal: to think regionally about the development of business sites. With success: In 2021, 70 percent of the new businesses - more than 144 hectares - were located on brownfield sites.

24 regional cooperation sites cover around 1,260 hectares
207 ha  Average land use per year
333 Settlements on commercial and industrial sites in 2021

Regional cooperation sites for large areas

The Regional Cooperation Sites platform includes 24 sites distributed throughout the Ruhr region. They are to be kept ready for the settlement of large-scale companies with a land requirement of more than 5 hectares.

Details and profiles can be found at the Regionalverband Ruhr.

Digitally explore commercial sites

ruhrAGIS provides information on the use of all industrial and commercial sites in the Metropole Ruhr. The digital tool of the Business Metropole Ruhr provides detailed facts on space potential and companies located there.


Visible is an industrial park in the Ruhr area with access to the water.
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ruhrAGIS: Industrial land atlas of the Ruhr region

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Raising land potential in the Metropole Ruhr

The Business Metropole Ruhr supports municipalities in reducing restrictions on use. We develop instruments for the mobilization of commercial-industrial areas with use restrictions. Four building blocks for modern land development are on the agenda:


  • Innovative securing of existing sites
  • Digital recording
  • Planning security
  • Regional cooperation sites
A green, irrigated landscape in Essen.
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Commercial space: potential in the Ruhr region

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You still have questions?

Our contact person will be happy to help you with your concerns regarding commercial space.

Lydia MatthiasProject Manager
Sites & Investors Service

Image credit: Stadt Bochum