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Knowledge and research staff.
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New expertise from the Ruhr ecosystem

Discuss research at four different universities? What elsewhere means a trip of several days is possible in the Metropole Ruhr with a travel time of one hour. The universities of Bochum, Dortmund, Duisburg and Essen  form the heart of Europe's densest higher education landscape with 22 universities. This is supplemented by 150 research and innovation centers and institutes. Not only researchers and students, but also start-ups and companies benefit from this variety.

Becoming a champion of change with knowledge

Nowhere is the transformation of recent decades more evident than in the lecture halls: Whereas in 1965 there were still around 300,000 employees in the mining industry and not a single university in the Ruhr region, today the children and grandchildren of the miners populate 22 universities together with fellow students from all over the world. Around 258,000 students can choose from 400 courses of study - from automation and safety to dentistry.

Decades of investment in the higher education landscape have transformed the Metropole Ruhr into a science location where the interaction between companies, universities and public authorities represents a relevant competitive advantage. Around nine percent of companies - almost twice as many as in Germany as a whole - cooperate intensively with the scientific community and ensure positive spillover effects and broad knowledge diffusion.

22 Universities in the Metropole Ruhr
400 Study programs
150 Research and innovation centers in the region

Innovation centers Ruhr for founders

The Metropole Ruhr stands for strong networking of business and science. Business founders benefit: The innovation centers in the Ruhr region offer the best conditions to get your own business off the ground.

35 innovation centers with a wide range of equipment in terms of size, transport links and laboratory equipment ensure a wide choice. From short-term rentals to co-working spaces, between offices, workshops and laboratories: founders, start-ups and small companies will find the optimal powerhouse for their needs in the Ruhr region.

One of the Ruhr innovation centers in the Ruhr region from the front, showing plants in the foreground with the round, modern-looking glass building in the background
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Innovation centers in the Ruhr region


Our Services

  • We are contact mediators between companies, science and start-ups. 
  • We promote cross-sectoral exchange between companies and the cultural and creative industries as creative and innovation drivers.
  • With knowledge transfer, we support companies in their current skilled labor challenges. We are committed to the supra-regional perception of the Metropole Ruhr as an attractive location for young talent and skilled workers. 
  • We bring together regional players in the start-up scene and make the start-up ecosystem in the Ruhr region visible. 
  • We support cooperations with our know-how, industry-specific analyses and are the contact for exchanging experiences, questions about networks and the initiatives of the Metropole Ruhr.

The development of key technologies, the availability of skilled workers, a flourishing start-up ecosystem and sustainable economic activity are of great importance for the innovative capacity of our region. Our goal is to make the Metropole Ruhr strong in precisely these fields.

Birthe BruckhoffHead of Innovations & Knowledge Transfer
Exchange of creative industries in the Ruhr region on cross-innovations
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