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Four people stand in front of a Greentech.Ruhr poster: Christina Zollmarsch, NRW Environment Minister Krischer, Prof. Dr. Julia Frohne and Alisa Schuler.

Greentech.Ruhr – Environmental Business Network 

The Ruhr Metropolis knows how change works. The sky over the Ruhr has long been blue again. New innovative companies are settling on former mining sites. Clean water flows again in the renaturalized bed of the Emscher river. The Ruhr region shows how the challenges of the past can be turned into opportunities for the future. From gray to green: Greentech.Ruhr bundles the know-how of the environmental industry in the region.

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More than 230 partners are already part of Greentech.Ruhr and benefit from attractive networking opportunities.


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Megatrend sustainability: The Ruhr Metropolis creates new solutions for green technologies

Under the umbrella of Greentech.Ruhr, Business Metropole Ruhr GmbH has been bringing together green technology professionals and expertise since 2016: established companies and young start-ups, universities and research institutes, associations and public institutions. The network is growing: it now has more than 220 partners. Greentech.Ruhr is the central contact point for the environmental economy of the Ruhr Metropolis. The EU Commission awarded the concept the European Business Promotion Prize in 2020.


Sustainability is a global megatrend, and green technologies are strong in the Ruhr region. The special problems in a coal and steel region have given rise to new solutions that are in demand worldwide. This young branch of industry benefits from its proximity to traditional industries undergoing restructuring - for example, when switching from fossil fuels to renewable energies. And from the many universities and research institutes that are driving sustainable renewal.

The Ruhr region is a competence center for environmental and climate protection

The environmental industry is an important economic factor. It currently employs over 154,000 people in the Ruhr region. North Rhine-Westphalia is Germany's largest supplier of products and services in this cross-sector industry. More than one in four euros of this is generated in the Ruhr Metropolis alone - a total of 11.7 billion euros in 2021.

The Ruhr region is a competence center for environmental and climate protection. The range of services is large, the spectrum of individual green future markets is broad. Ideas are developed here on how materials can be used efficiently and in a way that conserves resources. How the mobility of tomorrow will be designed in an environmentally friendly way. How energy can be saved, converted, transported or stored. How drinking water can be protected and industrial wastewater treated. Or what makes cities more resilient to heat.

The environmental industry in the Ruhr makes the location a green pioneer

The Ruhr Metropolis has set itself an ambitious goal: It is on its way to becoming the greenest industrial region in the world. This includes extending its lead as a pioneer for green technologies and further strengthening its innovative power. That is the task of Greentech.Ruhr. In our regional network, all stakeholders come together, exchange ideas and benefit from each other. Workshops support them in becoming more digital or in attracting skilled workers.

Greentech.Ruhr also enables partners to present themselves at trade fairs and conferences. They become more visible and increase their profile. Last but not least, Greentech.Ruhr highlights the great potential of this region. Our signal is: The Ruhr Metropolis is a leading location for environmental business in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany and the world.

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Christina ZollmarschHUB Manager

Photos: Business Metropole Ruhr/Wiciok


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