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Hydrogen: network in the Ruhr area

The Hydrogen Metropole Ruhr - HyMR for short - was founded by the RVR and BMR at the end of 2021. It makes the region's diverse hydrogen activities visible and provides coordinating support for the market ramp-up of the hydrogen economy.

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On the way to the hydrogen region

The Hydrogen Initiative aims to develop the Ruhr region into a leading hydrogen region. This is because hydrogen can play a decisive role in the energy transition as an important energy carrier:

Your network for hydrogen in the Ruhr region


HyMR draws on a broad network of partners, initiatives and companies. The network is constantly being expanded in order to best represent the players in the region and the entire value chain. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested!

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Network with us.


Do you have questions about the environmental economy in the Ruhr region? Or are you interested in our Greentech.Ruhr network? Call us or contact us directly via contact form.

Jörn KleinelümernHUB Manager
Hydrogen Metropole Ruhr

Hydrogen Metropole Ruhr is a cooperation between

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Image credit: Regionalverband Ruhr and Scholz&Friends for HyMR