Are you looking for a place to settle or expand your startup in the heart of Europe? As part of the Circular Economy Hotspot Event in Bottrop, let us convince you in just 7 hours on September 13, 2022, that the Ruhr region offers everything international Circular Economy Start-ups are looking for:
Our first stop will be at BRYCK tower in the City of Essen: At a Networking Breakfast, you will be able to get to know to sponsors and investors like the NRW.BANK and Gründungsfond NRW.
At the City of Bochum, our second stop, we’ll discover one of our interesting FabLabs in the region - the RUB-Makerspace -, open for Start-ups to create and develop prototypes.
Having lunch there, we’ll present you state-of-the-art technology centres for getting your business in circular economy started (or expanded!).

Our final stop will be the City of Duisburg, were we finally present you useful regional networks helping you boostering your business in the stylish KS36 Co-Working space.

1.   09:20 - 11:00 h, Essen (Bryck): Breakfast & Talk with sponsors/investors and funds
2.   11:30 - 13.30 h, Bochum (RUB-MakerSpace): FabLab, incubators & spaces + lunch (12:45 - 13:30 h)
3.   14:10 - 15:30 h, Duisburg (KS36): Co-Working Spaces & Networks


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