Heidrun Grochau
Project Assistant | Controlling
+49 201 632488-43
Christine Stefanski
Project Manager | HR, Organisation & Controlling
+49 201 632488-27
Ekkehard Thomas
Head of HR, Organisation & Controlling
+49 201 632488-19

The new BMR

HUBs and administrative departments

Business Metropole Ruhr GmbH is organised on the one hand into agile business units, so-called HUBs, on the other into management and the administrative departments. The respective HUBs comprise a maximum of three members, the HUB manager and the accompanying project managers.

The respective HUBs correspond to the medium-term key tasks of the company and bundle individual focal points of expertise regarding these. In combination with other HUBs, new and current projects of the BMR are processed efficiently.