Company Profile

FUNKE DIGITAL is known as the digital motor of the FUNKE MEDIENGRUPPE based in Essen, Berlin and Munich. We create and modernize digital offers having the flair of a startup. Born as digital natives we consider ourselves as pioneers for the FUNKE Group from data analytics over sales to software development. FUNKE MEDIENGRUPPE is a family owned business with its headquarter in Essen, Germany. FUNKE is one of Germany’s most influential media companies and continuously strives to remain Germany’s prime media house.


We provide you a complete video platform for testing while you have access to our monitoring/ alerts system.


Successful attack of our video platform without getting recognized

Find a hole in our security system while proceeding as many attacks as you know. Try out standard attacks against a real environment or if you like develop your own. Plan strategies to game the system. Test whatever you can imagine from DDOS over injections to totally unknown attacks. Find attacks that are not recognized by our alerts and not visible in our monitoring.