Innovation Talk - Israel


Daniela Oliel, Project Manager, Business Metropole Ruhr

Israel is an international leader in crisis management of the COVID 19 epidemic. One reason for this is the efficient use of hi-tech and artificial intelligence. This is an area in which we can still learn a lot from our Israeli partners. In our new digital "Innovation Talk - Israel", we will introduce you to Israeli start-ups, together with our Partners, that offer solutions to today's pressing issues.

- How do we motivate citizens to shop locally?
- How do we solve digital educational challenges?
- How can drones and robotics in areas such as logistics, mobility control and disinfection increase security in our cities?

Welcome to our 1st "Innovation Talk - Israel"!

Frank Speer, HUB-Manager, Business Metropole Ruhr

Frank, with MBA-background and various positions in international sales & marketing in his “backpack”, joined BMR almost 7 years ago and together with CEO Rasmus Beck developed the international activities for BMR.

Frank greets and credits all our partners and colleagues that took part in this project. He brings to the point the issues we all came to face with the spread of COVID19, as individuals as well as whole ecosystem. He explains why is BMR’s work especially nowadays so relevant, in a time when the international networking and cooperation is crucial for overcoming the evoked challenges.

Charme Rykower, Senior Executive, AHK Israel

Born and raised in Munich and moved to Israel in 2005. Charme is scouting for Israeli technologies on behalf of German companies, organizes technology related events and introduces Israeli high-tech companies to German corporates, investors and governmental institutions.

Charme gives an overview of the steps Israel took in order to contain the COVID19 threat, on the pubic and social levels.


Monika Rozalska-Lilo, CEO, Creators

CREATORS is an innovation lab based in Tel Aviv that has a long successful record in supporting organizations in developing and improving innovation practices. Monika’s expertise includes corporate innovation, startup ecosystems, ideation methodologies as well as building & facilitating innovation programs.  

Monika presents how COVID19 caused the Israeli tech ecosystem to re-evaluate and sometime re-invented itself. She shared links to helpful online tools, great apps and COVID19 information sources: 

Supertools: http://bit.ly/2yCk9qM
Digital Work Tolls Map: https://bit.ly/2x2TWBu
Digital Transformation: https://bit.ly/2VNHxK1
450 Ivy League free courses: https://bit.ly/2KsGqtP
High Tech Surveys by VIOLA: https://bit.ly/2XUtipg
Israeli VCs List: https://bit.ly/34XUKEe
Corona Israel Website: www.coronatech.org.il

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Elad Erdan, Global Business Development Manager, COLU

Colu is a community rewording platform that helps local commercial and social networks to be endorsed by the local community and the app users are being endorsed for their activities.

Elad, an experienced player in the municipality playfield, presented all the aspects of COLU and it’s commercial an communal diversity.

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Dr. Patrick Stafler, Schneider Children’s Medical Center, ft. TytoCare

A pediatric pulmonologist at the Schneider Children’s Medical Center of Israel. He was born and raised in Germany and immigrated to Israel in 2010. He Graduated from Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf, doctorated in Harvard and rotated in renown Hospitals all around the world, published numerous scientific articles and is a highly estimated speaker in Israel and abroad.

Dr. Stafler shares his experience in practicing tele-medicine thank an Israeli development of the Start Up TytoCare.

TytoCare Overview

Ido Miran, Head of Product, enabley
Udi Hazan,
VP, Global Business Development, enabley

Presented the enabley, a Digital learning Platform, suitable for corporate trainings, online courses, interactive e-learning, Webinars, virtual classrooms - for corporates, schools, universities and knowledge centers.

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Gaby Kaminsky, CEO, CityZone

CityZone is a joint venture between the Tel Aviv Municipality, Tel Aviv University and Park-Atidim in Tel Aviv, serving as the city's living lab and open innovation program for Urban-Tech.

Gaby presented how the same topics are being differently tackled by 7 different StratUps, each and his own special solution. Topic like logistic, mobility control, public zones disinfection and social engagement were:

Telicomm, Edgecase, RoadSense, AD Knight (Mobility and crowding detection)
Radgreen, Parazero, SoftRide (Drones & Robotics Tech)
SafeUp (Self sense of security app)
LightApp (Social engagement)

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