Innovation Talk Israel - Smart Mobility

SHALOM & Welcome to our Innovation Talk Israel – Smart Mobility in Sustainable Cities!

In this Talk we took a ride into the Smart Mobility Bubble in the Israeli start-up scene and got interesting impulses from this Sphere. Almost all major German car manufacturers are active in Israel in order to benefit from the innovative power of the start-up scene there and to incorporate hi-tech elements into the ongoing development of future Smart Mobility solutions.

In Israel are more than 600 Israeli start-ups in the Smart Mobility field. The sensational large investments in Mobileye (2017) and Moovit (2020) have recently caused a stir and have shown the immense potential that technological developments from Israel can offer.

In this Innovation Talk Israel we provide exciting insights into new ideas on mobility and mobility infrastructure. We present selected mobility start-ups from Israel and address the following subjects:

- Electrifying Roads and solving charging challenges for governments, cities and users.

- new takes to Cyber secure issues for connected vehicles.

- Novell electro micro car, that solves urban mobility challenges.

Ms. Charme Rykower, Executive Manager, AHK Israel & Mr. Frank Speer, Hub Manager, BMR

welcomed and greeted our guests and shared their takes on the Smart Mobility Sector in the aspect of Israel and the Ruhr Region.

Mr. Yuval Engelstein

Lead sectors analyst for Industry 4.0 & Smart Mobility, with rich experience in analytics and strategic development.

Yuval introduced the scoop of the Smart Mobility Start Up world in Israel and gave a scan of various facets of the Smart Mobilty Markt in Israel:

- the main intern sectors.

- main M&A (Mobileye, Moovit and others) that took place in the last years.

- future forecast for this market from the israeli aspekt.


Ms. Orlie Dahan, Executive Direktor, Ecomotion

the 1st woman entrepreneur in the EcoMotion Smart Mobility Community swept us all with her enthusiasm and told us all about the non-profit organization, Ecomotion, that was established in 2012 as a cooperation of 3 israeli interties -  the Israel innovation authority, the fuel choices & smart mobility initiative as well as the ministry of economy.

Orlie introduced us into the success story of Ecomotion’s national & international doings – -The yearly Ecomotion fair that took place this year digitally.

- The plans for Smart Mobility Boot-Camp for Cities Europe wide that will take place in Israel next year.

- Previous success stories as well as other on-going projects.



Link to Talks from the last EcoMotion Fair: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=ecomotion+2020


Ms. Stephanie VOX, Managing Director Konnect, VW Innovation Hub In ISRAEL

Stephanie shared with us the vision of VW, that concedes the Car as the most important Internet device of the future. This Acknowledgment brought the VW Group to open 2 years ago its own scouting and matching hub on the spot, in Tel Aviv with which it strives to maximize the intercultural Know-How cooperation.

- KONNECT’s activities are based on an open innovation model that combines Technology scouting, Project & PoC Management as well as Business Development.

- KONNECT is scouting for the key topics of the VW group: Industry 4.0, Autonomous Driving, In-Cabin user Experience, Electrification, Connectivity and Data Analytics as well Cyber Security. 

- Tel Aviv as Testing Hub: in 2022 the VW Group in cooperation with Mobileye & Champion Motors will launch in Tel Aviv Israel’s first Robo-Taxi!

- KONNECT’s upcoming Projects that will focus on Digital Health, Sustainability in the entire value chain & Energy Storage.


Mr. Noam Ilan, Business Development VP, Electreon

- Electreon electrifies street infrastructures and allows e-vehicles to charge while driving.

- A brilliant solution for all field players involved - governments & cities, electric grid operations  as well as for the end users (communal as well as private)

- Electreon is already running Projects in Israel, Sweden and Germany.



Dr. Asaf Formoza, CEO & Co-Founder, City Transformer

- CityTransformer offers an innovative solution for the Urban Mobility Problems, especially facing new mobility regulations worldwide.

- City Transformer clearly presented their advantages vs. the competition (Cars, Roller, Smart4Two, Renault Twizy): safer, weather protected, more capacity, longer distances, parking friendly, lower maintenance, and substantially low energy consumption.

- City Transformer developed novel features in the micro mobility segment such as - foldable (first-of-a-kind), autonomous ready, electric, and modular.

Drive it like in a car – Park like with a motorcycle.


Yossi Vardi, CEO & Co Founder, SafeRide

- SafeRide Technologies is the provider of vSentry™ – the industry leading multi-layer cybersecurity and data analytics solution for connected and autonomous vehicles.

- Combines a state-of-the-art deterministic security solution with ground breaking AI profiling and anomaly detection technology

- Safe Ride provides future-proof security and vehicle health monitoring.                                                                                                                


Video Timecode

00:20 - 02:40 – Daniela Oliel, Business Metropole Ruhr Gmbh
02:40 - 07:00 – Frank Speer, Business Metropole Ruhr Gmbh
07:00 - 08:10 – Charme Rykower, AHK
08:30 - 14:30 – Yuval Eneglstein, Start Up Nation Central
15:00 - 28:30 – Orly Dahan, Ecomotion
29:10 – 42:10 – Stephanie Vox, VW Konnect
43:00 – 56:35 – Noam Ilan, Electreon
57:27 – 01:14:45 – Asaf Formoza, City Transformer
01:15:20 – 01:23:45 – Yossi  Vardi, SafeRide

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