With more than 400 active cybersecurity startups in the sector, Israel is globally leading in the field of it-cybersecurity and offers innovative solutions that are used worldwide. The success of Israeli companies like Check Point and Cyberark, two of the world’s top 10 cybersecurity companies, and investments of global players such as Microsoft and PayPal in Israeli startups show the great potential of Israel as a global force in the development of disruptive cybersecurity technologies.

In our Innovation Talk Israel, we took a deeper look into the future of work and get interesting insights about the role of cybersecurity in this transforming field. Cybersecurity is one of the key requirements for companies of all sizes. Especially in the current situation, where remote work has become the new norm for many people, cyber incidents pose one of the biggest business threats to companies since the IT infrastructure at home is often less protected and thus more vulnerable for cyber-attacks.

We discussed these questions and more with Tobias Nadjib, who delivered an exciting field report as Managing Director of Volkswagen Infotainment GmbH and with Dr. Tilman Frosch, Managing Director of G DATA CyberDefense AG, Germany's leading provider of IT security solutions from Bochum.

In this talk, we provide new insights and present solutions for the new challenges that companies face in the field of cybersecurity. We present three selected cybersecurity startups from Israel and address the following subjects:

·         New cybersecurity challenges for a remote workforce

·         Automotive software development during COVID 19

·         Innovative technologies from Israel that solve
cybersecurity-related problems during COVID 19

Mr. Rasmus C. Beck, Managing Director, Business Metropole Ruhr GmbH

Rasmus welcomed all our guests that took part in this talk and shared his view about the new challenges for cybersecurity that result from working remotely.

He underligned the importance of the expanding Innovation Bridge Israel network that Business Metropole Ruhr GmbH has installed three years ago already, connecting the Israeli startup ecosystem with the business community in Ruhr for reciprocal benefit.

Mr. Tobias Nadjib, Managing Director, Volkswagen Infotainment GmbH

Tobias shared with us Volkswagen Infotainment’s vision of working together on future connected car-related technologies. Founded in 2014 as a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG, Volkswagen Infotainment is specialized in the development of communication devices and electronic control units. Realizing the sharp rise of in-car connectivity in recent years, the VW Group acquired BlackBerry’s European research and development center in Bochum and founded the VW Infotainment GmbH, which today is considered to be one of the most important technological arms of the VW Group.

Tobias introduced us to Volkswagen Infotainment’s success story and shared with us the company’s demand for new technologies in the field of embedded security as a crucial requirement for connected vehicles. He furthermore gave us an overview of four current megatrends in the automotive industry, which are:

o   Electrification

o   Mobility Services

o   Connected Services

o   Autonomous Driving

and closed his talk by sharing with us the way Volkswagen Infotainment is coping with the COVID 19 crisis.


Dr. Tilman Frosch, Managing Director, G Data Advanced Analytics GmbH

Security is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed.”

Tilman, an expert in the field of cybersecurity, who holds a Ph.D. in IT Security from Ruhr Universität Bochum, introduced us to G Data Advanced Analytics’s expertise in the field of cybersecurity. Located in Bochum, G Data Advanced Analytics is the security service branch of G DATA CyberDefense and has established itself as the leading provider of IT security solutions in Germany.

Tilman shared with us G Data’s story of their transition to a 90+% remote workforce and gave tips for any company that wants to follow this path. Based on his starting quote, “Security is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed”, he told us more about which aspects must be considered to ensure cybersecurity in home office times.



Mr. Pim van der Poel, DACH Sales Director, CYE

“Especially in the first days (of the crisis), we saw an enormous amount of phishing attempts (…), overall, we saw a 600% increase in March of this year. (…) A lot of companies were just simply not ready.”

·         CYE’s mission statement: “Helping organizations become cyber mature by applying the offensive perspective”

·         CYE provides cost-effective cybersecurity solutions that combine advanced artificial intelligence with natural intelligence, along with offerings that are delivered by security experts.

·         CYE’s solutions are powered by technology that helps organizations focus on threats that are specific to their risk landscape and attack surface.


Mr. Amit Bareket, CEO, Perimeter 81

“Today, there are two challenges of a Perimeter-less world: 1) Resources are moving to the cloud, 2) Employees are becoming digital nomads and are working from everywhere. I think you all agree that COVID only accelerated this trend.”

·         Perimeter 81’s mission statement: “Simplifying network security for the modern and distributed workforce”

·         Perimeter 81’s vision is a single cybersecurity platform

·         Perimeter 81 has built a holistic solution that gives companies of all industries and sizes the power to be securely mobile and completely cloud-confident.


Mr. Itay Savion, Head of Sales EMEA & APAC, XM Cyber

“Organized crime keeps climbing because of two major reasons: 1) Hacker today become sophisticated (…), and 2) They become patient. They could run even between seven to eight months inside the organization without you to notice.”

·         XM Cyber provides the first fully automated, advanced persistent threat simulation platform that continuously exposes all attack vectors from the breach point to any organizational critical asset.

·         XM Cyber’s solution answers two key questions:

o   Are my critical assets secure?

o   What are the most critical, cost-effective security gaps to remediate?

·         XM Cyber provides a solution which acts like a real hacker, is fully secure, fully automatic and learns over time


Mr. Tal Yatsiv, Executive Chairman, ReSec Technologies

“ReSec solves (the Malware-) problem by approaching that same problem in a completely different way: Full prevention, and not traditional detection.”

·         ReSec Technologies develops enterprise-grade solutions to prevent malware penetration of networks, endpoints, and data centers.

·         ReSec provides companies with ultimate protection from file-based malware threats

·         ReSec’s content disarm and reconstruction technology is designed to overcome the limitations of conventional anti-malware detection methods.


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