Resource-efficient commercial estates

Commercial estates offer numerous opportunities to use resources more efficiently. Especially where synergies can be utilised. The BMR has consequently initiated the “Resource-efficient commercial estates” project. In ten commercial and industrial estates in the Ruhr metropolitan area the goal is to identify potential areas of savings, develop specific measures and implement these. The aim is to use economically-sustainable models to further develop existing commercial estates into modern and future-capable commercial and industrial sites.

Saving costs

Attractive commercial estates boost the image of companies, with more efficient use of resources enhancing their competitiveness. Costs can be saved in many areas. The project is initially focused on waste, surface area, water and energy.

A district manager will support the selected commercial estates over a one-year period, helping the partners on site to save resources. The manager will identify the opportunities and potential, advise the companies in realisation and bring key actors together around the table.

We offer

  • Free consulting and analysis
  • Concepts and advice for the realisation of specific savings measures
  • Support in the search for and application for funding
  • Networking with local companies
  • Professional contacts for locally-based firms

This project is funded by the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRE).

Your contact person

Selin Çağlayan
Tel.: +49 201 632488-20
Fax: +49 201 632488-99