Building Innovation Bridges

The time when German companies were looking to China for low-cost production is long gone. Topics such as Smart City, Artificial Intelligence, mobile payment, e-commerce and electromobility have enabled China's economy to take up a pole position at a rapid pace.

Analogous to the successful example of the Innovation Bridge in Israel, the BMR is building up a strong network with Chinese innovation centres such as Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing in order to network stakeholders from the Ruhr area with pacemakers in China.

In the medium term, the BMR will use the Innovation Bridge China to organise events in the Ruhr area and in China together with the growing network and to set up bilateral cooperation projects, similar to the sustainable projects resulting from the Innovation Bridge Israel such as RICA and CityTech RUHR.

Upcoming Innovation Bridge China Events:

May 07, 2021: Innovation Bridge China – Insight into the Chinese innovation ecosystem

May 20, 2021: Innovation Bridge China – Sustainably in the fast lane
China is making rapid progress in environmental technology. Who is ahead in the competition for the best innovations?

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June 02, 2021: Innovation Bridge China – One innovation, two systems
How does government and private sector funding lead to successful innovation centers?

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June 17, 2021: Innovation Bridge China – Opportunities in Unicorn Wonderland
German startups can dock in the Chinese ecosystem.

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