COHES3ION aims at improving the performance and impact of Smart Specialisation Strategies (S3) and linked ERDF Operational Programmes in terms of delivery of innovation by Research & Innovation actors through the integration of the territorial dimension into S3 governance and policy mix, contributing additionally to territorial cohesion in terms of growth and jobs.

COHES3ION is composed by 8 European regions interested in integrating the territorial dimension into S3 governance, displaying different levels of maturity, areas of concern, and solutions, in the S3 governance & policy mix field. The shared common challenge is to align the S3 to all territorial levels with 2 aims:

  • Smart priorities: Identification of complementarities and synergies between the different levels, in terms of priority or niche opportunities, allowing for the farther specialization of specific territories (region, county, city, metropolis level).
  • Governance: Coordination of innovation support players promoting the mobilization of stakeholders and delivering innovation support services all along the territory.


Exchange of experience will focus on: 1) Definition and evaluation of S3 considering spatial planning and monitoring tools; 2) Horizontal coordination of innovation support services at different territory levels; 3) Alignment of placed-based S3 from sub-regional levels (province, county, metropolis, city) to regional S3.

To that end, COHES3ION will achieve the following outputs and results:

  •  Development of 8 Smart Territorial Maps.
  •  Identification and exchange of 20 good practices in 3 focus areas.
  •  Holding of 41 policy learning events with more than 240 stakeholders.
  •  Engagement of 8 Stakeholders Groups all along the exchange and strategic thinking process leading to the definition and implementation of 8 Regional Action Plans, aiming at the improvement of regional S3 governance and/or the development of new sub-regional S3.
  •  Issue of recommendations for the mainstreaming of the territorial dimension into ERDF Operational Programmes, S3 and other regional policies.



BEAZ S.A.U. (Lead Partner)
Azaro Foundation
Southern Regional Assembly
Calabria Region
North-West Regional Development Agency
Business Metropole Ruhr GmbH
Region Stockholm
Mazowieckie Voivodeship / Office of the Marshal of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship in Warsaw
Welsh Government
Deusto Foundation

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