There are a few great things about this event:

  • It is based on pre-defined challenges of four German municipalities from a region that is looking for innovation. These municipalities are requesting relevant solutions and have validated, specified challenge – this makes enables relevant startups and companies to start the pilot quickly and effectively.
  • The impact of the solutions will be huge! The Business Metropole Ruhr is home to 5.3 million people. 
  • All the pilots will be funded. There is on average 10.000 Euro for the pilot phase of three months. Following a successful pilot, long-term cooperation is planned.
  • We facilitate the process with municipalities and try to make it as easy as possible. So you are not alone in this high-potential, yet difficult market.
  • Even if you end up not receiving a possibility to have a pilot with relevant municipalities, you get a great exposure, a chance to meet other potential customers and to validate your solution’s potential in a GovTech vertical (technologies for the public sector)

This program is open for any global companies that have a ready (or adaptable) solution for specific challenges. In order to take advantage of this process, follow the steps:

Step 1: Apply to take part in CityTech

Step 2: Go through the selection process (phase 1 – form; phase 2 – phone call; phase 3 – webinar with the city representatives)

Step 3: Once you are chosen, we do a virtual two-day workshop with you and the partners.

Step 4: Once you finish the workshop, the work plan should be ready and the only thing left is to implement!

Step 5: Pilot phase & showcasing the results.

CityTech RUHR is opened to any company which is interested in the field which have solutions relevant to the challenges. You can register here. After your registration, we will contact you to get through the three-step selection process.

a. You need to be a company (of any size) with a working product.

b. This solution needs to be (potentially) relevant to solve a specific challenge as presented on the website.

c. You need to participate in the virtual workshop in June 2020 in Germany as well as be prepared to implement your solution in the period of July-October 2020.

No. Participation is free! On top of that, we provide participants with 10.000 Euro for the implementation of your solution in the municipality and 1.500 EUR fort he final pitch session in Germany in Dezember 2020.

We do encourage all startups to apply. We will do our best to accommodate all the interesting solutions to give you access to potential customers. Having said that, we are choosing companies and for CityTech RUHR based on the challenges.

City of Bochum & Vonovia: Automated preliminary review of building applications

City of Bottop: How can Technology Support Economic Growth for Local Businesses?

City of Gelsenkirchen & FC Schalke 04: Blockchain-enabled communication and community development

City of Hagen & Mark-E: Incentivizing Residents to Use Public and Alternatives Transportation

We will focus on the following criteria:

  • Does the idea solve the challenge(s) specified in the program?
  • Is the technology advanced and provides significant value?
  • Is the team well balanced and has a relevant skillset?
  • Is the technology mature and ready to be implemented?

The team that develops the project is the owner of the project and IP.

Conditions of participation