Blockchain-enabled communication and community development

Gelsenkirchen Challenge Brief

Full description:  The FC Schalke 04 Football Club would like to communicate with their members, visitors and customers on the base of contemporary Blockchain Technology. Blockchain Technology will help to develop an embracing “marketing world” with efficient payment within the “S04-World”.

FC Schalke 04 would like to embrace new emerging digital markets and incorporate experiences for its community that would promote it better and create a better community experience. Customer relationship has to be optimized and developed. Implementing a blockchain-based “S04-token” with new digital products can be invented and developed. The “S04 token” should be developed as embracing marketing tool, which support and develop new digital marketing products and services on the training campus, during match time and considering member votes within club decision-making processes.

Since these use cases do not exist yet, they will be developed together with the relevant technological solution. This process may create new digital and virtual services to the S04 supporters (e.g. digital collectibles, E-ticketing, communication among the community).

Current State: The marketing and payment services of the S04 Football Club are very traditional. Considering international competition for membership and marketing revenue, S04 would like to consider new ways of attracting existing and potential customers. The Club would like to create an innovative way of marketing and fostering its community by introducing a new way of promoting the Club.

  • No attractive Digital Marketing Interaction between Members / Fans and Soccer Club
  • No intelligent payment systems in place
  • No relevant products for new digital services in place


Involved Stakeholders

The following parties are involved in the project:

  FC Schalke 04 Management
The City's Strategic Uni "Networked City"
Department for Economic Promotion of the City of Gelsenkirchen


Desired outcome:
The perfect result will be a complete integration of the „S04“ token during match days and training sessions considering all S04 products and marketing services. It will be highly accepted by members and occasional guests.  The token might be also integrated within municipality services (e.g. event booking, ticketing for public transport). The delivered solution will be a top reference for the use of Blockchain Technology within Smart City Solutions: the City of Gelsenkirchen would like to see the local crypto-coin to be embraced by other service and marketplaces in the city: the local retail, gastronomy and the tourism industry.