Bochum Challenge

Automated preliminary review of building applications

The Building Regulations Office of the City of Bochum is looking for a solution that enables applicants to carry out an automated preliminary review of construction projects and, following this preliminary review, to submit complete and qualified building applications in order to enable a faster and less time-consuming review.

As a regulatory authority, there is an interest in ensuring that applications are of the highest possible quality. Because this is not regularly the case, the authority loses a lot of time with the complex review process. Inadequate and incomplete applications lead to recurrent additional claims and verification loops, which prolong the approval period for both sides.

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Bottrop Challenge

How can Technology Support Economic Growth for Local Businesses?

More and more people are shopping and doing business online. The City of Bottrop is looking for ways to support the local businesses in the city center that struggle to survive economically.

Due to the increasing mobility of people, local businesses and retail shops close, which leads to a high vacancy level in the downtown area. Right now there are two large redevelopment projects with a total of 18.000 square meters. The Questions are:

How to attract more people to buy, eat and use services locally and keep the city center vivid and attractive?

How to learn more about the users of the city center and offer them targeted services and retail offers?

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Gelsenkirchen Challenge

Blockchain-enabled communication and community development

The FC Schalke 04 Football Club would like to offer to their members, visitors and customers communication and community development platform powered by the Blockchain technology.

Blockchain Technology will help to develop an embracing "marketing world" with efficient payment within the "S04-World".

The club is looking for companies who will help develop the "S04-token" as well as co-create use cases in order to promote the technology among the Club’s audience.

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Hagen Challenge

Incentivizing Residents to Use Public and Alternatives Transportation

How can the City of Hagen increase the awareness of various ways of transportation available to the public and incentivize the use of either public transportation or more environmentally-friendly ways (e.g. micro-mobility, walking, cycling and other) as opposed to using private cars?

The city wants to use the technology in order to raise awareness, incentivize the residents through free tickets, coupons or other promotions to use public or alternative means of transportation.

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