CityTech Ruhr is a prestigious innovation sprint, where talented global companies implement the solutions for the city challenges. Join the program to solve the challenges, receive funding for the implementation and pilot, and create a great solution that other cities will need as well!


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Apply to take part in the CityTech Ruhr

STEP 2: Get accepted to present your solution in a webinar

Get invitation to be part of a virual two-day workshop

STEP 4: Implement the solution, solve the challenge and get the funding!


  • Join the $400 billion market revolution – learn about the real challenges of cities and create solutions!

  • Discover Smart City industry that needs YOUR solutions!

  • 10K EUR in funding for the pilot for each solution. Opportunity for a long-term contract following a successful pilot phase.

  • Opportunity to create a solution that will be relevant for many cities locally, regionally, maybe even globally!

  • Join a community of movers and shakers – the City of Cities is waiting for talented entrepreneurs like you!