Investment market

International investors most active

€ 2.8 bn

turnover in 2019, a plus of 200 m euros compared to 2018

€ 1.3 bn

foreign capital

€ 204 m

specialist funds

Turnover on the commercial real estate market of the Ruhr Metropolis stood at 2.8 bn euros in 2019 and exceeded the investment volume of the previous year by 0.2 bn euros. The office asset category is clearly predominant, with a 1.8 bn euro turnover, followed by logistics and production with 551.01 m euros.



This places the Ruhr Metropolis ahead of the A location Stuttgart (2.14 bn euros). In many A cities the shortage of suitable investment products in central locations continued to make itself felt. In addition, investors are increasingly shifting their focus to B and C locations, which display a more attractive risk/return profile. The most popular asset category of the past investment year was office real estate, accounting for approximately 1.8 bn euros, around 64.0 % of the total volume.

“With an investment volume of 2.8 bn euros, the Ruhr Metropolis is ahead of the A location Stuttgart (2.14 bn euros).


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