Retail market

Top rent is achieved in Dortmund

195 €/sqm NF

Top rent 2021

18.7 million Euro

Demand volume (daily needs) 2021


Centrality index

Market potential

Inner-city retail in the Ruhr cities, similar to all German cities, will continue to suffer in 2021 from falling market rents in prime locations and rising yields and thus falling sales prices.

In addition, two features are atypical in the Ruhr region:

  1. the high number of shopping centers (multi-optional offer for the customer) and
  2. the high quality of the shopping centers,

in particular Centro and Ruhrpark and in future again Rhein-Ruhr Zentrum, Thier-Galerie, Limbecker Platz, Forum Duisburg etc. Compared to the A-cities, which react more volatile, one could almost speak of an advantage in this situation, if the rent levels were not much lower at the anyway and additionally also long-lasting structural problems would produce large differences between the individual Ruhr cities. The Ruhr area is best compared with Berlin, its two city center locations and the district centers, although Berlin has stood out more in recent years due to the internationalization of local retailers.

The top rent of 195 euros/sqm continues to be achieved in the city of Dortmund, which has a prominent position in the retail property market in the Ruhr. However, despite the largely stable development of the market data, structural problems in the retail locations in the Ruhr region are also characteristic here in detail.