Investment market

Real estate investment market in the Ruhr region at the level of smaller A-cities

2,434 m €

Transaction volume commercial real estate 2021

565 m €

Foreign capital

530 m €

Special fund

Investment volume

The real estate investment market in the Ruhr region will remain in the lower midfield in a comparison of German metropolitan areas in 2021. In terms of real estate investment, it is on a par with the smaller A cities of Stuttgart, Cologne and Düsseldorf. The volume of around EUR 2.43 billion differs significantly in its structure from previous years. On the one hand, hotels and retirement homes are playing the most prominent role in the asset classes for the first time (under Other).

There, at (assumed still) low prices, the strength of one of the largest German metropolitan areas is evident. On the other hand, in favor of the significantly more hesitant foreign investors (approx. 565 million euros), the volumes of special funds (approx. 530 million euros) and above all private investors and companies (approx. 965 million euros) have noticeably increased.