Corporate Real Estate

Fertigstellungen haben sich mehr als verdreifacht

2.1 million sqm NF

Available space 2021

170,400 sqm NF

Take-up 2021

8,50 -13 ,00 €/m²

Top rent Flexspace 2021

Market potential

The corporate real estate / light industrial market is characterized by its subtypes

  • Warehouse (simple)
  • Production
  • Industrial park
  • transformation property (old industry)

heterogeneous and correspondingly difficult to capture. Nevertheless, its importance in the Ruhr region is above average with its large space potential in an A-city comparison. Compared with 2020, completions have more than tripled at a high level. However, unlike in most A-cities, transaction volumes have fallen by almost 20% in a regional comparison, albeit with only a moderate impact on yields, which are nevertheless falling.

Looking ahead, healthcare and life science buildings will probably form a significant subgroup of their own in this asset class in the coming years - also with potential in the Ruhr region.