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As in previous years, the main market of urban construction & housing is characterised by extremely positive key economic figures in 2019. About 11.4 % of the Metropolitan Ruhr Area's workforce are employed in this main market.

Measured by the percentage of employment in the main market, construction-related services, including trade, letting and administration (47.1 %) and the finishing trade (33.5 %) are of particular relevance.

Regional specialisations are found in the cities of Oberhausen, Bottrop, Herne and Gelsenkirchen. The number of employees rose by 5,666 (+2.9 %) to 203,355 in the period under review from 2018 to 2019. Growth in the Metropolitan Ruhr Area was therefore more dynamic compared with the state and the nationwide average (+2.7 % and +2.3 %). Except for core area 3: Production of furniture and home furnishings (-1.7 %), all sectors were able to record positive employment growth figures.

Key Insights

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203.355 (+2.9%)


39,762 (+0.4%)


38.34 bn. € (+3.7%)


In 2017, most of the companies in the Metropolitan Ruhr Area were active in the main market of urban construction & living (39,762 companies). In addition, the main market showed the second strongest turnover development compared to the other main markets (+3.7 %). This positive development is the result of the neighbouring services sector (+7.9 %), in particular the letting and leasing of own or leased property, buildings and apartments. In addition, the number of companies (+0.4 %) remained at a stable level compared to the previous year.

In recent years, the topics of construction and living have continuously gained in importance. The growing populations in the large cities, the temporary accommodation of refugees, the vacancy rate in small and medium-sized towns, or ecological sustainability, as well as the need for privacy and encounters, are challenges that are currently dominating the discourse. In consideration of climate change, rising energy prices and dwindling resources, efficient and environmentally friendly construction methods are increasingly coming into focus in the future.

While houses and owner-occupied apartments have been built in Germany primarily in the high-priced segment in recent years, comparatively little has happened at the other end of the price scale. Consequently, sustainable as well as high-quality and at the same time affordable living is one of the central future tasks for the main market of urban construction & living.

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