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The lead market Leisure & Events has lost a lot of employment in 2020 (-5173; -5.9 %). The development is thus still below the state and national trends (- 5.4 %; -5.5 %). The loss of employment took place in all submarkets. The losses are particularly serious in core area 3: event, leisure, sport, tourism (-3535.-7.2 %). Regionally, measured by the share of employees in the total economy, the cities of Oberhausen and Essen in particular stand out in this sector compared to the rest of the Ruhr regions. However, they both lag behind the national figure.


Key Insights

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82,579 (-5.9%)


22,848 (-0.5%)


13.79 bn. € (+0.5%)


Turnover stabilised in 2018 compared to the previous year (+0.5%) and the number of companies remained almost the same (-0.9%). Overall, the leisure and event industry developed less dynamically than the other industries. The reason for the subdued development was a drop in turnover in the core area of audiovisual media and in the neighbouring services, here especially in the wholesale of consumer electronics equipment, and in gaming, betting, lotteries and cinema. This decline could be related to the increasing importance of online streaming services (films) and betting shops.

The largest percentage increase in turnover was recorded in the neighbouring industries (+25.5 %), with most of the increase coming from companies specialising in the manufacture of optical and photographic instruments and equipment. The impact of the pandemic on the turnover and number of companies cannot yet be read here, as the figures still refer to the time before the spread of the Corona virus.


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