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The main market leisure & events recorded an increase of 2,289 employees (+2.7 %) in 2019. Consequently, the main market developed much more dynamically than at state or nationwide level (+2.1 %; +1.6 %). Most of the increase in employment took place in the core area of events, leisure, sport and tourism. The core audiovisual sector and related services suffered slight declines in employment.

Regionally, measured in terms of the percentage of employees in the overall economy, the City of Oberhausen stands out in particular in comparison with the other Ruhr regions.

Key Insights

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87,753 (+2.7%)


22,848 (-0.5%)


13.73 bn. € (-2.2%)


The positive development of sales from the previous year (+6.3 %) was not maintained in 2017 (-2.2 %), and the company figures also declined again slightly (-0.5 %). Negative figures in the wholesale of consumer electronics equipment, the wholesale of cardboard, paper, cardboard, stationery, office supplies, books, magazines and newspapers, and the retail of sports and camping goods (excluding camping furniture) in particular are dampening the development. One sector that counters this development is the core area of audiovisual media. It recorded positive figures for both turnover (+6.0 %) as well as for companies (+1.8 %). An increase in turnover of +2.6 % was however also recorded in the core area of events, leisure, sports and tourism.

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