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Industrial Core and Business Services

About 18.0 % of the employees in the Metropole Ruhr are in the Industrial Core and Entrepreneurial Services. This is slightly lower than in the previous year (18.4 %). Parallel to this, employment figures have also declined (-8026; -2.4 %). The reason for this is a reduction in employment in all submarkets. In percentage terms, the decline in employment is highest in the materials submarket (-3492; -3.1 %). The submarkets business-related services (-3,673; -2.1 %) and machinery and processes (-861; -2.1 %) are on a par in percentage terms. Compared to the national and state trend (-3.5%; -2.8%), the declines in the overall market are smaller. Measured by the share of employment in the lead market, business-related services (53.2%) are a particularly strong economic sector. Regionally, the Ennepe-Ruhr district and the cities of Duisburg, Hagen and Mülheim a.d. Ruhr show a clear specialisation compared to the other Ruhr regions and the rest of Germany, measured by the share of employees in the total economy.

Key insights

to the Lead Market

319,643 (-2.4%)


20,426 (-2.6%)


81.98 bn. € (+16.9%)


With a total turnover of around 82 billion euros in 2018, the lead market Industrial Core and Entrepreneurial Services is the lead market with the highest turnover in the Metropole Ruhr. Around three quarters of the turnover is generated by around 10 % of the companies in the materials submarket. Compared to the negative development in the previous year, the lead market was able to generate a large increase in turnover in 2018 (turnover: +16.9 %); in contrast, the number of companies continued to decline (-2.6 %). The majority of the increase in turnover can be attributed to the materials submarket (+20.1 %), in particular to the production of pig iron, steel and ferroalloys and the manufacture of other chemical products n.e.c.. This shows that the metal and chemical industries or basic materials industries still have a major influence on the economic performance of the Metropole Ruhr; especially in the lead market Industrial Core and Entrepreneurial Services.

In view of the continuously changing demands on industry, the industrial core and the entrepreneurial services associated with it benefit enormously from networking with the other lead markets. In particular, the field of digital communication today has an impact on all processes of industrial and entrepreneurial activity and is inextricably linked to them. This makes production more flexible and customer-centric, factories more changeable and the effective processing and analysis of data enables, for example, predictive maintenance of machines and production units.

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