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The lead market education & knowledge has the largest employment growth in the Metropole Ruhr. 87,877 people are employed in this lead market. The majority of these are employed in the schools and universities sector (47.5 %), although it should be noted that civil servants are not included in the employment statistics. With an increase of 3,044 employees (+3.6 %) last year, growth was more dynamic than in the state or federal comparison (+3.2 %; +2.4 %). With the exception of the neighbouring services, all sub-markets were able to contribute to this positive development. The core areas of pre-school education (+4.5 %) and schools and universities (+4.0 %) developed even more dynamically than the national trend.


Key Insights

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87,877 (+3.6%)


2,999 (+1.1%)


1.29 bn. € (+4.6%)


Measured by the 2,999 active companies and the total turnover of 1.29 billion, the lead market of education and knowledge is the smallest in the Metropole Ruhr. However, it must be taken into account that the turnover in the education & knowledge sector is only comparable with other lead markets to a limited extent.

In the period under review, the number of companies increased by 1.1 % and their total turnover by 4.6 %. The positive overall result is hampered by the negative development in the core area of research (companies: -7.7 %; turnover-7.0 %).

The fact that the pandemic has revealed the sometimes large discrepancies between aspirations and reality in the field of digital education means that it is to be expected that this lead market will also receive more attention from the political side in the near future and that new development opportunities will arise as a result. In order to maintain the attractiveness of the Ruhr region as a knowledge location with its current 22 universities for scientists and students, it must be possible to strengthen digital research and teaching in the long term and at the same time preserve the universities as places of real encounters and knowledge transfer. As such, they can contribute to continuous innovation and thus to the sustainable development of industry and other lead markets (health, digital communication, etc.) in the region.

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