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84,833 people work in the Metropolitan Ruhr Area in the main market of education & knowledge. The majority of them are in schools and universities (47.3 %), bearing in mind however that civil servants are not included in employment statistics.

With an increase of 1,895 employees (+2.3 %) last year, growth was not quite as dynamic as compared to the state or nationwide average (+2.6 %; +2.9 %). All sectors with the exception of neighbouring services contributed to this positive development. The core areas of pre-school education (+4.9 %) and schools and universities (+3.7 %) developed even more dynamically than the state and nationwide trend.

Key Insights

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84,833 (+2.3%)


2,967 (-0.3%)


1.23 bn. € (+5.3%)


A total of 2,967 companies are involved in the education and knowledge industry in the Metropolitan Ruhr Area. Their number decreased only slightly during the period under review (-0.3 %). The core area of pre-school education, schools and universities alone was able to record positive company figures. The strongest increase in turnover (+5.3 %) was recorded compared to the other main markets.

With the transformation of the global economy from an industrial to a knowledge economy, education is becoming a mega trend. Educational institutions and the understanding of education are undergoing rapid change. In view of the advancing globalisation and digitalisation, radical changes in the education system are to be expected, with schools in particular being heavily affected.

This change may offer new opportunities, but it may also give rise to fears. Knowledge, especially in technical professions, needs to be constantly renewed due to the rapid increase in new information. Employees need continuous training in order to compete in the job market.

Access to knowledge, however, has become easier in recent years, particularly as a result of digitalisation. The Internet has become an almost inexhaustible and flexible source of knowledge. New learning no longer takes place only in state schools and central locations. Education is becoming increasingly de-institutionalised and individualised. New media enable personalised learning on digital learning platforms that create tailor-made learning environments.

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