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With a share of 3.3 % of total employment (58,862 employees), the main market of digital communication remains the smallest segment in the Metropolitan Ruhr Area in 2019.

However, at +6.0 % (+3,329), the segment shows the most dynamic growth among the main markets in the course of the ongoing digital transformation and is therfore significantly higher than the comparable figures at the state and nationwide levels (+5.7 %; +4.8 %). The majority of employees (59.4 %) work in the core area of data processing services and software. Regionally, the Dortmund location in particular shows a high degree of specialisation compared to the state and nationwide average. The majority of employment in the main market has been created in the core area of data processing services and software (+1,612; +4.8 %) and related services (+1,361; +9.4 %). The core area of telecommunication services is the only sector to record a slight decline in employment (-30; - 1.2 %).

Key insights

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58,862 (+6.0%)


6,533 (+1.6%)


7.87 bn. € (+0.2%)


The company and turnover figures (+1.6 %; +0.2 %) remains stable compared to the previous year. Apart from the core area of IT hardware (-7.7 %), all sectors are able to report positive company figures. In contrast, the core areas of data processing services and software (+10.4 %) and IT hardware (+9.1 %) are the only areas to report positive sales figures. In particular, consulting services for information technologies and software development are responsible for the increase in turnover. Overall, turnover in the main market of digital communication increased to Euro 7.87 billion.

The main market of digital communication has a strong influence on the technological development of our society, which means that new processes, ways of thinking and business areas are emerging continuously. In terms of social policies, the term digitalisation is often used to describe a comprehensive change driven by digital technologies (Internet, artificial intelligence, robotics, etc.) and covering all areas of life: Consumption, mobility, work, leisure, social relationships and much more.

Many visions of the future have already become reality today. Robots deliver packages (test phase), students or professionals are able to receive further education via virtual lecture halls, the entire house from coffee machine to heating system communicates with the smartphone, cloud computing allows efficient and flexible working at different company locations. All this is possible through a combination of different digital technologies and continuous data streams (keyword: ‘Big data’). Companies in particular are increasingly confronted with this digital transformation in the future, for example in the form of business process automation.

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