Compliance & Data protection

Good Corporate Governance

Business Metropole Ruhr GmbH (BMR) declares to be a 100% subsidiary of the Ruhr Regional Association (RVR), a coalition of 53 communities in the Ruhr region for the principles of “Good Corporate Governance”. Compliance is an essential part of the policies and guidelines established at BMR.


BMR uses compliance for good corporate governance. These principles are established in our mission statement and clearly formulated in the BMR business directive, comprehensible to all employees. Our actions interactions with the outside are also based on these principles, laying the foundation for transparent, trusting and successful cooperation with our partners in the region.

Whistleblower system

A whistleblower system as a compliance tool aids with this obligation. It serves prevention, uncovering and employee protection to ideally identify vulnerabilities before damage occurs. It always allows BMR employees and outside business partners to notify a competent ombudsperson of facts related to corruption (including anonymous).


The appointed ombudsperson is Dr. Nicola Ohrtmann of AULINGER Rechtsanwälte und Notare, who accepts information about corruption or other conduct damaging to trust and is able to protect the identity of the source.

This page contains detailed information about the function of the whistleblower system, the ombudsperson and information about privacy.

Data protection

The protection of your personal data is a very serious matter for us. Therefore, our data protection commissioner, Dr. Ralf Heine from AULINGER Datenschutz & Consulting GmbH, is available as your contact partner for all questions concerning data protection.

All further information regarding the processing of personal data can of course be found in our data protection declaration at any time. At BMR, Ekkehard Thomas, Head of Human Resources & Organization, is available as a contact person for the topics of data protection and the whistleblower system as well as a contact person for the topics of Good Corporate Governance and Compliance.

Your contact person

Ekkehard Thomas
Head of
In-house counsel
Authorized Representative
Tel.: +49 201 632488-19

Your contact person

Dr. Nicola Ohrtmann
BMR Ombudsperson
Tel.: +49 201 95986-48

Your contact person

Dr. Ralf Heine
Data protection commissioner at BMR
Aulinger Datenschutz & Consulting GmbH
Tel.: +49 201 9598662

Privacy policy

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