Company Profile

Soldan - the leading provider of practice supplies, specialist media and office services for lawyers, notaries + tax consultants in Germany.

Founded 1908 by lawyer Hans Soldan to supply lawyers with office articles at low prices, the Essen based company serves 90 percent of Germany’s legal professionals today.

Besides mail order business, Soldan is an innovative service provider on the legal advice and tax consultancy market. Soldan knows the requirements in practices inside out, always explores the market for new solutions and offers various products/services for the digital world.


Most German-based Lawfirms lack a continous and professional IT-Environment. Often IT-Security measures are insufficient or non-existant. Many small and medium sized lawfirms are unable to support a designated IT-Departement and try to get IT-Support as cheap as possible from external sources. These results in a lack of care that is inappropriate for the sensitive client data that are handled. Often the lawfirm owner is unaware of the dangers of data-loss or security breaches, cyber attacks, ransomware etc.


LawFirm IT-Security Check - Application

We would like to develop an application, that is able to detect as many IT-Security issues in a lawfirm´s IT – infrastructure as possible. It should be able to analyze the network, clients etc. more or less automatically to deliver a speaking report on the current status of the lawfirms IT-Security.